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Welcome to my page! I am a wedding violist based in the Denver, Colorado area and have been performing weddings for over five years. I bring an originality to my performances by looping multiple layers to create a whole, universal sound.

my career and journey

started viola when I was seven, after disliking the violin and being too small for the cello. I slowly grew passionate about music and years later, graduated with a Music Performance degree (alongside my BS Physics). 

After undergrad, I pursued my MS in Aerospace Engineering (the field in which I currently work full time) but knew I somehow had to keep music in my life. I had grown away from classical music and started doing pop covers. Eventually, this grew into me purchasing pedals and a pedal board and beginning to learn the art of looping. I wanted to be a "one woman band" of sorts, being able to play all the parts to a song without having to rely on other musicians to join in. As I started posting my videos on Instagram, I realized I really enjoy looping and when I moved to Denver, CO, I sought out ways to perform for others and promote myself as a wedding musician. 



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When I'm not working as an Engineer or a Violist, I enjoy hiking, skiing, and being sideways on the couch watching Netflix. I love being around people and talking - whether it be deep conversations or utter nonsense.

Working out is a passion of mine, as is cooking, traveling, and trying out new breweries.  Building my own path as a musician has also made me someone who constantly encourages my friends that they do indeed have enough time and are young enough to go down a totally different path than originally intended. 

Whether you're planning a wedding or a private event, I can assure you that the right kind of live musician can make a difference. I'd love to get to know you and be part of your special day!

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