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an experience crafted just for you

White Wedding Altar


This is the first part of your day your guests see and hear. I want them to be taken aback and captivated by your wedding. I'll walk down the aisle as guests enter and play popular love songs to make them feel part of your day. 

As you and your wedding party walk down the aisle, I will play specially requested songs, leaving no break in music between couples. When you are officially announced as a married couple, I will break out into an energetic song to help set the atmosphere!

cocktail hour

Everyone's now ready to party. This is where the pedals come out and I dive into dance worthy music. I use special techniques to create a percussive sound on the viola, layer that with background music, and finally add the melody on top to create a whole sound. I will also take requests from your guests!

Table Centerpiece
Dancing Bride and Groom

first dance

Maybe you've thought about wanting a violinist (violist in this case) play an instrumental version of your favorite song for your first dance. I will create an intimate atmosphere and make you feel like you're the only two in the room, all while performing my own original rendition of your favorite tune.

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